do life together.

Life Groups are an important part of the ministry here at Unity Church. 

We believe in corporate worship with Biblical preaching, praying and singing. We also believe their have to be connections among believers for growth and accountability. Here is a list of our current Life Group classes we offer. We invite you to join any one of these Life Groups.

Each class starts at 9:00am on Sunday Mornings at Unity Church.

Core Life Group: (College students/Young Adult) This is the transition phase from school to adulthood. This college age ministry challenges our students to not only be hearers of the Word but doers as well.

Married Couples Life Group: This is one of our largest life groups. Don Southerland is currently taking the class through a verse by verse study on 1st and 2nd Kings.

Encouragers Life Group: This group is currently studying the book of Jonah. The discussion and teaching times each week are not rushed in order to respond and apply each lesson.

Legacy Builders Life Group: This Life Group is unique with a rotation of teachers each week. This allows for different perspectives to be presented and each person to grow in their own study times together. Currently they are going through Randy Alcorn’s book on Heaven.

Sisters in Christ: (Women) This class is for ladies who enjoy time together each and every week in their study called “A Time For Everything.”

Family Matters: (Parents) This class is aimed at encouraging one another through parenting our children as God's Word instructs..  

Friendship Life Group: (Senior Adults) Currently focusing on Warren Weirsbe’s study on Revelation.  

Faithful Women: (Senior Women) These are a group of ladies who have a desire to continue to study the Word of God together..

Men of Integrity: (Men’s Ministry Life Group) These men purpose to grow together and continue to study God’s Word together. Each Sunday gives an opportunity for a different teacher and perspective on the current lesson.  

Women of the Word: (Women's Life Group) For women who need healing from the Word of God. Their current study is called “Knowing Who You Are in Christ.”

Seasoned Saints: (Senior Adults) This is a smaller more intimate Life Group who really enjoy studying the Bible together and supporting each other through different trials of life. They are currently studying David Platt’s year long study named “The Radical Experiment”.