Our Mission

Unity exists to lead our neighbors and the nations

to become fully devoted disciples of Jesus.

Our Core Values

1. Scripture

     We seek to be characterized by solid/unwavering Bible preaching and teaching from our pulpit and in our group Bible studies, realizing the Word of God is every believer’s ultimate authority for faith and life. 


2. Excellence

     We seek to honor the Lord by doing all things for His glory and to the best of our abilities.


3. People

     We seek to value all people, desiring to promote biblical relationships and connections across all cultures and all generations.


4. Evangelism

     We seek to be consumed with sharing the gospel both locally and globally. 


5. Outreach

     We seek to make an impact for the kingdom by mobilizing our people for missional service.


6. Discipleship

     We seek to promote active spiritual growth in all believers.


7. Giving

    We seek to support the spread of the gospel through sacrificial giving.  


8. Worship

     We seek to worship God corporately and individually through adoration and obedience.


9. Prayer

     We seek to communicate with our Lord about all aspects of life and ministry.