God's precious little children--laughing, learning, loving, and being loved--that's what you'll find at Unity! 

Here at Unity we place a premium on quality child care for two reasons: 

1) We want all of our parents to freely and wholly partipate in worship services

2) We want the children to begin learning at the earliest ages about worshipping, 

serving, belonging, and growing in the context of the church.

(see detailed info at the bottom of the page)


    AVAILABLE AT 9AM and 10:15AM

    For children under the age of 2, we have 3 different nursery classrooms:

    • The Infant Nursery is for newborn through six months.
    • At six months, they are promoted to the Crawler Nursery. 
    • At the walking stage, children move up to the Walker Nursery

    AVAILABLE AT 9AM and 10:15AM

    Our Tot Time (2 and 3 year olds) and Kid's Korner (4 and 5 year olds) Ministries provide a special place for preschoolers during every service at Unity.

    In Tot Time and Kid's Korner you will discover dedicated and loving teachers using Bible-based, age-appropriate lessons to teach children about God, His love, Jesus, and the Bible. Songs, prayers, games, arts and crafts, and snack time (of course) complete a typical hour in Tot Time and Kid's Korner.

Arrival/Departure Times

Nursery is provided for every service at Unity. We will begin receiving children 15 minutes before the start of each scheduled service time. We request that children be picked up promptly after each service.


Please send a sufficient supply of diapers, training pants, clothes, or anything else your child may need. Also, diaper bags, bottles, cups, etc. should be labeled with the child's first and last name.

We will gladly give your baby a bottle per your instructions, but please take into account the number of babies present when making arrangements for spoon feeding and administering medications.

Please inform the workers at sign-in if you prefer your child does NOT have a snack or if you wish for them to eat a snack you have packed for them.

Our nursery will supply toys and materials for the children. It is not necessary to bring toys from home. Security items (including pacifiers) should be labeled with the child's name.

We are committed to good health and safety for all children. If your child has experienced a fever within the previous 24 hours of a service or has signs of infection, we ask that they are not brought to nursery/preschool.

We would love to have you as well as your child(ren) as a part of our Nursery/ Ministry. 

Helpful Hints for Parents

Be regular in attendance to church. This will help your child become familiar with his or her surroundings and feel secure at church.

When dropping off your child at the nursery before services, be aware that most separation anxiety and most crying will stop within a minute or two following your exit. Be assured that if your child becomes too upset, we will alert you via our KidCheck service.

Avoid rushing him or her on Sunday mornings. Prepare as much in advance as possible so that coming to church is a happy occasion. Talk positively about church throughout the week.

Pick your little one up quickly after the service so that he or she does not wait long after many other children have left.

Above all, love your child! We want children to know that their parents, God, and the Unity family love them as special individuals created in His glorious image.